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Asbestos Disposal
Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos Disposal

Once all traces of asbestos have been removed from your residential or commercial property, the next step is to dispose of it. Being a hazardous material, the safest method of asbestos disposal is to have an experienced and licensed removalist take care of the job for you, as they have the equipment and training to dispose of it safely. In Victoria, any disposal is controlled by the Environmental Protection Authority and must only take place at particular locations that are licensed to accept asbestos waste products. Aussie Asbestos Solutions specialises in asbestos disposal in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, providing the services you need to ensure all risks are eliminated from your property and any hazardous materials are securely and safely disposed of.

The Specialists In Safe And Legal Asbestos Disposal

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Any asbestos removal and disposal job in Victoria is bound to specific legalities that can vary depending on whether the nature of the disposal job is home, workplace, environmental or builder / tradesperson related. Any business that disposes of asbestos must be licensed to do so, either as Class A (able to dispose of friable and bonded asbestos) or Class B (bonded asbestos only). The team at Aussie Asbestos Solutions has the experience and the training to deal with any asbestos disposal situation safely and legally. We are EPA registered, have a Class B licence and are insured up to 10 million dollars so you can feel confident in our services.

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Asbestos Removed Safely

We safely remove asbestos in accordance to government guidelines

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Protect the Health And Wellbeing Of Your Family, your Employees And Yourself With Residential Asbestos Removal Services From Aussie Asbestos Solutions.

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